Macon Citizens Habilities, Inc.


MCH is the result of dreams of several proactive citizens of Macon County in the late 70's and early 80's. MCH was incorporated in 1982 as a support group for parents, professionals, and others who had an interest in helping persons with disabilities.

Once incorporated, the newly formed board of directors wanted to do more and researched the possibility of developing a group home.  In 1988, the first group home operated by MCH opened its doors to 5 clients with severe-profound mental retardation.  Today, MCH has evolved into a service provider known for its high standard of excellence and is recognized throughout the state of North Carolina.  All facilities are licensed by the Division of Facility Services. MCH is also CARF accredited.

ICF-IID Residential Facilities
DDA Residential Facilities
Day Program with ADVP and Retirement Services
Innovations Residential and Day Services

MCH provides residential services in Macon and Jackson Counties to 33 persons.  Approximately 45 persons with developmental disabilities are served at Macon Citizens Enterprises, a day program for adults with developmental disabilities.